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MAI (pronounced My) comes from our power statement ‘I AM’.

We create a movement of empowerment and

partnership with each company we work with.

We help you build your community, empower your members and grow your brand.

Quality is important to you, that’s why you built your business the way you did.

Match your custom logo product to your brand with clothing that holds up

to the sweatiest workouts over and over again.


Our vision is to create high quality and flattering customized activewear

produced sustainably in the USA for every workout.

Make the movement yours- gym owners, group organizers, corporate retailers alike.

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My Yogi Fam

 ‘If it’s both terrifying and amazing you should definitely do it.’ 

 I remember the moment I decided to sign up for yoga teacher training like it was yesterday. I was reading a book by Max Strom that said ‘if you want to be happier, do more yoga’ and at the same time my yoga teacher texted me a reminder that it was the last day for signing up. I really wanted to be happier- so I took the jump! 

 Best decision of my life! Because of yoga, I have found my voice, dropped some deep internal stories that have been holding me back and made incredible connections (including my husband, far right in this pic!). 

My yoga journey is why I make workout clothing for you. I know you are up to big things, working hard and sweating a lot along the way. You need clothes that keep up with you!

Come yoga with me at Up Yoga MN

With heart, sweat and joy,



1,600 units in stock

is a big deal!

Hey! I’m Emma! 

I started MAI Movement in 2012 in my basement making leggings for my yogi friends. I’d make 5 at a time to get their feedback and then tweak them a little each time. 

I had been designing at a fashion company for 2 years and was thinking about getting my yoga teaching certification. My studio wanted leggings with their logo and didn’t have a good resource- so I made 30 pairs and they sold out in a month!

The past 7 years have been all about building connections with manufacturers, fabric vendors and like-minded people to grow the MAI Movement team. I’m so proud to say we’ve built a company that can support you and your vision. I’d love to be your go-to partner for retail in your studio. 

With heart, sweat and joy,




Choose your styles, color and quantity, Add your logo or design. 

Start at a 20 unit minimum.



Premium performance fabrics tested to last through the sweat-wash-repeat cycle.

Quality prints that do not peel or crack.


Showcase branded apparel that reflects the quality and personality of your brand.

Increase awareness, cultivate community and increase revenue.


We value sustainability. Our products are designed, cut, sewn, printed and shipped from Minneapolis, MN.